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Banner Toxic SludgeSpreadThere are NO safe levels of ANY PFAS chemicals
NONE !!!

The DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) is using the Federal EPA health advisory of 70ppt as a drinking water action level for PFAS chemicals PFOA & PFOS (combined or individually).  Water tests above 70ppt should receive a GAC water filter system at no cost from the DEP.  Those below 70ppt are deemed "safe" by the DEP.
We affected residents as well as many scientists do NOT agree!!!  Only ZERO PFAS is safe!!

This page, though focused on the PFAS contamination epicenter (highest numbers known) which is Fairfield, is meant to provide everyone in Maine with quick access to pertinent contacts, forms and general PFAS information.  The information provided here is not legal advice but rather important resources so you can help yourself - become informed & get connected with those of us also battling this horrific issue.  Use this resource at your own risk & discretion.  If you identify any incorrect information, please do e-mail me immediately.  These pages are a work in progress so check back frequently for updates.

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DEP & Other State Agency Contact Info


Water Testing Lab Info for Private Testing:
This is the link to the lab. They are familiar with the situation in Fairfield. It's best to call them and they will get the correct test kit sent out.
A & L Laboratory - Auburn, Maine:  207-784-5354

For purchasing your own GAC filter system - get a quote here:

E-mail Craig Winter - Advanced Water Quality
Attach your water test results to your e-mail & he will provide a free quote for a system designed on your water quality.


DEP Interactive Well Test Map


PFAS Water Filters - DEP Issued & RO Add-ons


DEP Cost Reimbursement Form


DEP Excel Document of Certified Spreading Throughout Maine


PFAS Blood Testing


Fairfield Property Tax Abatement Form:
Please e-mail me at & I'll e-mail you the form & other info to help you.


Our Media Efforts - Getting the horror story Out There!

WABI TV CH 5 - 2 part "Special Report"

Part 1:

Part 2:

WCSH Newscenter Maine CH 2 & 6:  ""


Check back soon!  More info is coming!

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