Livestock Shipping Details, Order Add-Ons, Order Cancellations & Order Credits:

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All on-line orders received by midnight:
Friday through Tues will ship Wed.
Wed will ship Thurs.
Thursday will ship Friday IF Saturday Delivery shipping is selected.  If not, it will ship the following Wed.
ALL shipments are FedEx Priority Overnight & will be delivered the next day of shipping.

If you submit an order early & find you'd like to add to your order, please e-mail me exactly the name of what you'd like & the size desired & I can PayPal invoice you.  Please do not submit a new order.

My website is setup to charge only actual ship costs charged to me by FedEx.  I do not try to make money off you in shipping.  I do not charge for boxes nor packing materials.  I want to help get you the animals you want, at the most affordable price without compromising the animals.

FedExLogoOVER 65% OFF!! FedEx Base Rates For ALL Livestock orders!
The shipping price you'll see in your shopping cart IS over 65% Off FedEx Base Rates!  How it works is that each animal/item has an approximate ship weight.  An average 3 inch coral mounted on real rock will ship weigh about 3-4 lbs in it's bag of water BUT my smallest ship box has a FedEx DIM weight of 9 lbs (LxWxH divided by 139 = DIM weight per FedEx).  This means an order for a single coral will have a ship weight of 9 lbs so in many cases an order with 2 -3 corals will be the same price to ship as just one coral.  Some larger corals & fish will ship weigh more than the box so will charge at it's actual ship weight.

Note:  To see what a shipment would actually cost without my discount - an average coral bag with water will weigh an average of 3 lbs.  Go to ( & do a my zip (04937) to your zip using Priority Overnight service & see the huge price difference!

Livestock Ships FedEx Priority Overnight to Connecting Continental US States Only.  I do not ship to APO or PO Boxes, other US Territories, or other countries.

Again, my website also offers you the FedEx Saturday Delivery option no matter what day you place your order!  Any order that selects this service will ship that Friday for arrival the next day / Saturday!  The price my website quotes includes everything to get it to you on a Saturday!  :c)FedexSATDeliveryLogo

When Your Order Is Received:
I will e-mail you & confirm your order has been received & will alert you if any items in your order are no longer available for shipping (which rarely happens).  It is your responsibility to watch your e-mail for communications from me as well as to make sure your e-mail accepts my messages (check your bulk or junk e-mail folders!).

Your shipping information will be e-mailed to you as soon as it is available but no later than the day it ships.

NOTE:  In the rare event my e-mail messages do not reach you (due to spam filtering, internet interruptions etc.) expect your order to ship as normal based on my ship schedule posted above.

Order Filling:
All orders are filled on a “first order received first ship” basis.  Items ordered cannot & will not be held for any reason.  My policy is if two thirds of your order is in stock, it will be shipped, although my fill rate is usually 100%.  You will only be charged for the items actually sent & your shipping charge will be reduced to reflect it's ship weight if applicable.  I do not backorder items.

How Your Order Is Packed:
All animals (fish, corals & inverts) are carefully collected & placed in special duty ship bags sized for their health, not how little water I can get by with.  They are packed to travel comfortably & most often will arrive in less than 20 hours of being packed.   My bags are filled with reef system water the animals were collected from & and pure oxygen is added to the fish bags before being closed.  Heat or cold packs are used to maintain a healthy temperature as seasons dictate.

Order Add-Ons:

Do not submit a new order - just e-mail me a detailed list of items you want & I'll PayPal invoice you for the items & possibly a little more shipping if the ship weight is more than your original order. Typically I can update an order if I know by 10am the day the box is to ship but earlier is better because you must pay the PayPal invoice prior to it shipping..  If for any reason your PayPal invoice isn't paid by noon, the original order will ship without the add-on(s).

Order Cancellations:
If for any reason you cancel your order you will receive a refund via PayPal direct to your payment source minus 4% of your order total which is the Discount Fee PayPal charges me as well as a restocking fee of $25.

*Live Arrival Guarantee:
Live arrival is guaranteed!  My fish, corals & inverts are the healthiest you can buy.  They are inspected & predetermined healthy before being offered for sale.  Upon packing your order I inspect each item again and only ship animals that I know are 100% ready to go!

Note:  I'm not responsible for FedEx Service Failures or damages from shipping.  I have no control over how they are handled once they leave my facility.  Though this rarely happens, understand FedEx does not cover livestock damages/losses & they are NOT refunding any of their service failures.

*Credits:  ANY credit or replacement offer I issue for ANY reason MUST be used within 30 days of being issued.  NO cash refunds.

Never refuse a shipment!   I do not require a signature for delivery so someone must be available to accept delivery.  In the case of untimely arrivals or shipping damage, make note of any damages with the delivery person before they leave, accept the shipment & e-mail me at ** within 2 hours of receiving your shipment.

NOTE:  Your shipment must be acclimated within 2 hours of the box being delivered.  You MUST acclimate as I describe on your sales slip & tank all items even though they may seem damaged!  Many corals will close tight during shipping.  Dipping my corals is NOT recommended as it must be done precisely & can actually kill corals.  Dipping voids any guarantee.  You also need to understand dipping kills desirable organisms like Brittle Starfish & copepods which often hitchhike on my corals.  If you are concerned about the health of any of your animals (corals or fish etc.) you must e-mail or call me immediately - phone number is provided at the top of your sales slip.  You MUST follow all of my recommendations & requests like pics etc) in order to receive credit if you still experience a loss.

For both Corals & Anemones:  I need hi res with FULL day lights on clear pictures of both a full tank front pics AND the coral in your tank.  These  MUST be e-mailed to me within 2 hours of receiving your shipment & allow me to respond before removing the item from your tank!  I am notified when FedEx delivers your box.  Don't wait to contact me!  I may be able to help if notified soon enough!

Again, if you do not follow my instructions here you void any possibility of credit.

Placing an order is an acceptance of these policies.


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