Shipping Customer Testimonials

Everything was perfect.  I have to say that I have dealt with a number of reef suppliers, but you have twice now provided the best specimens and best packing I have seen.  A really spectacular job. Thanks.
Jim S, MA

 I recently received a breeder pair of Percula clownfish from Penny, and I couldn't be more impressed. They are very large, plump, and healthy, but most of all, very relaxed. After acclimation, they found each other almost immediately and settled in one of their pots after exploring the tank. I wasn't sure which pair to order so I consulted with Penny who had filled me in on all of the breeder pairs she offered and after receiving a unexpected update on recent breeding behavior, I put my order in the same day. It was an absolute pleasure working with Penny and I couldn't find a better pair anywhere else.
~Rocky, CT

Hi Penny, received my order today and I'm extremely pleased.  The corals are gorgeous. I really appreciate the upgrades on the colt and the green sinularia, they're beautiful, and the color on the blue anthelia is insane!!!! and many thanks for the freebie Astrea snails, first class shipment, can't wait to put in my next order, talk to you soon,

Ray, NY

Subject: Another excellent shipment!
Dear Penny,
Just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived in excellent shape, and all corals are safe and acclimating. I appreciate the consistency in the excellent quality of corals I receive every time I order from you. Thanks for the extra time you put in getting me the corals that I want, when they may not be so easily available.
I truly enjoy doing long distance business with you!
Paula, NM

Fish have arrived. Package was in great shape! Fish seem to be doing well in their packaging.  Beautiful specimens!!!! (Moorish Idol & P Blue Tang) Thank you. Now the challenge is for me to get them to live and flourish. Very pleased. The product sent is all I could have asked for and more. Thanks for your integrity and eyes on these! Bruce, TN            

Subject: New Mexico Shipment
Hi Penny,
The shipment arrived in excellent condition! Thanks for the upgrades and the excellent packing! They are being acclimated now and should have a good home for many years to come.
I enjoy talking and working with you,
Paula, NM

Dear Penny,

Thanks so much for the BEAUTIFUL coral. They acclimated very well!  I did a very thorough search on the internet before ordering. It would be wonderful if I had a local saltwater fish store like yours, but the ones down here are downright terrible. I brought home many unwanted hitchhikers!!! When I tore down and redid my tank, I used your tanks as a model. Unfortunately, for me, you didn't have some of the coral I wanted so I did order from another place. That was truly a mistake. So I was leery upon receiving my order from you. The coral pieces were VERY generous!!! Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. When I dipped them only brittle star fish and pods came out. What a wonderful relief. Its nice to know that there are still a few people in this mean world that actually care about what they do. The Red Colt (humungous), Gold Capnella and Branching Sinularia are absolutely gorgeous. Xenia was small like you said but I commend you for adding the Star Polyps. You didn't have to do that but you did! I am very satisfied with my order.  Please know, that I will absolutely order from you again!!!

Best Regards,
Donna, NJ

Hey there Penny,
Just as last time, despite the below freezing weather, all the macros arrived only a couple of degrees difference from my tank.  You had packed with heat packs and bubble wrap and a heavy sheet of grey paper to protect the critter plants--outstanding!  I love getting from you as you have a generous cutting of macros and this time two stowaways--two tiny baby micro stars!

Phoebe, Pittston, ME

I was very nervous about ordering salt water animals/fish online (especially a Blue Mandarin), so I emailed Penny and asked questions in regards to concerns I had.  She was very helpful, and explained that all of her fish are trained to eat frozen food.  I went ahead and ordered the mandarin.  It arrived on Thursday as expected as well as my other animal I had ordered.  Both came in perfect shape, and in addition I received some free Astrea snails.  On day 1, my new beautiful fat blue mandarin (Spike) was picking copepods off the live rock.  On Day 2, to my surprise he was eating directly from my feeding pipette the frozen food mixture (cyclopeeze, frozen mysis shrimp, and some algae for my tang). I will not hesitate to order from Penny again!  Thank you so much.
Lynn, IL

Hi Penny, 

I was just checking to see if your white polyp toadstool babies were ready yet. Don’t forget to save one for me! :) Save a paddle finger for me, too. Very cool and so unique! There isn’t a shop in my area that specializes in softies. We have a zillion shops in Orange County and Los Angeles, but everything is geared to the sps crowd. I don’t get it! They are pretty, but they don’t move or sway. So boring and so overpriced…
Tracey, CA

Hi Penny,
The box arrived at 10am and everything was in excellent shape! Your packing is the best I've seen and no leaks even though we are over 2,000 miles away from each other. I was hesitant to order from such a far way area, but you have proven that it is safe for the animals. I was thrilled with the added Astreas (needed them) snails, the extra orange mushroom, the up graded blue mushroom and of course the free Xenia! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness with this order. I think you have some of the best livestock out there that is of high quality. Your site is very informative and is part of my success with my reef tank. It is wonderful to know that I have a great resource for excellent livestock that is safe for them to travel even though we are so far away. Everything is coming out except for the star polyps, but they should by tomorrow.

Again, thank you so much! You have added a great bit of joy for me..... for who knows how many years.

Paula Johnson, NM

Have received the Silver Xenia. It was received in great condition no damage of any kind. The xenia is right now being acclimated to my tank.  Thank you for the snails, will be a nice addition to the tanks cleanup crew already in place.
Rodger Hooks , TX

Hi Penny,
   You were right about there being so much information out there, much of it conflicting. I like what you have said on your website, and how quickly and helpful you've been.  Thank you very much!
Tom, CO

Subject: Great shipment!
Rec'd the items this am and just returned to take a look. All polyps out and happy on both pieces which are magnificent BTW!  Thx also for the astrea's.
Bill, PA

Dear Penny,

Thank you for the healthy corals, they arrived on time and in good shape. I will be purchasing corals from you again in the future. Thanks again.

Yours truly,

Chris, FL

Penny..........thanks so much for the fish....they are outstanding!!!!!  Everyone arrived absolutely fine and are doing very can tell that they were taken care of and fed very well. I've had fresh and saltwater fish for some 40 years and the quality of your fish are some of the best I have acquired!!!!

Mason Romaine, FL

Everything arrived great Penny! Thank you so much!  Everything looks better then it does on that website, that's rare haha. But thank you very much for the extra snails :). Everything is great, thank you again, I will definitely be ordering more.
Andrew, Orrington, ME

Hello Penny!

All the livestock you sent me are doing fabulous!  The Wrasse is my very favorite :)  He does like to hide but is beautiful when he comes out for feedings!  The starfish is a VERY unusual little creature, still watching him closely.   The Pajama Cardinals are doing great.  I am still wanting a pair of ORA Blue Mandarin gobies!  I was so absolutely happy with your follow-up on my purchase…thank you again!  It's so nice to have someone that truly cares so much…keep me posted on those gobies.

Angela Norris :), CO

All corals arrived healthy and were of obvious good stock. It was well packaged and delivered on time. Penny, the owner, contacted me several times to make sure everything was correct. Being a reefer since the mid 1980's, you can buy with confidence from AquaCorals as Penny truly cares about her animals and her customers.
M. Robinson, WV
Update:  Hi Penny, 
Well, I have had the corals for about a week. They are awesome. The best I have ever received online. From now on, if you sell the coral I want, it will be bought from you.
You have something special.

Hi, Penny... Everything arrived in great condition! The Naso is so cute, and actually, I don't think I've ever seen a cuter clam! haha. Acclimation went well, and it seems everybody is already very settled in. My Yellow Tang was sort of a jerk at first, and was going a little overboard with the tail whipping, but now he's fine. The Naso is now actually following the Yellow everywhere; it's pretty entertaining to watch. The Chromis are beautiful, and swimming all over. I attached a pic of them all swimming together peacefully. :) Thanks for everything, and I'm sure I'll be ordering some corals from you in the near future. Thanks again!
Helena, MT

I came across the name AquaCorals and later "Penny" first through Google searches starting with quality reviewed product and shipment, aquarium livestock.  AquaCorals and what I later found to be the true source of perfection, Penny, came a top of almost every search I put in from MAC certified livestock which I only buy being an avid diver and conservationist and aqua cultured corals which I soon learned all come from Penny's TLC'd parent stock of established tank raised breeds.  What could be better.  Well, quite a bit as I had only ordered via mail once before and realized after seeing Penny's deliveries what extra care she puts into every package in making sure all her "babies" make it to their new home as safely as possible.  In my case, she had looked at the overnight temps and determined that a medium heat pack would be required and upon arrival, I had 7 healthy fish and a beautiful coral arriving in PA in December which only took 30 minutes to fully acclimate to my aquarium temp of 78.4. Packing was impeccable and so were the update emails I received before I even had a chance to get my hands out of my tank and get to work.  As a business owner myself, I can not say how impressed I am with the overall care, courtesy, and passion which Penny shows in her trade and treatment of your concerns and ultimate arrival of your shipment.  If only all businesses could maintain this integrity!!  If you want the best product, advice, and comfort of knowing your wish of species is finally going to show in the best possible shape, don't look anywhere else.  I peppered Penny with numerous emails before even placing my first order and she promptly replied with answers so detailed that I had to re read to make sure I was doing the right thing.  If in question if you should buy or not due to compatibility, Penny will give you an honest to heart answer before worrying about selling product- that is what will keep me buying here first and foremost!
Thanks for being true to this delicate hobby as it is rare to find these days!
Bill Scribner, Wayne, PA
Founder- Aviflight Solutions

Hi Penny! 

Of course they arrived in gorgeous condition, I'm surprised you still have to ask ;)  The quality is just something I've grown to expect when I order from you because everything you send me is always in perfect shape.
John, NY

t was an unexpected pleasure to visit your store. All to often I've found saltwater specialty stores to be a bit full of them self as well as lack personality and a willingness to try and help a hobbyist no matter the experience level. In your store, you went out of your way to be helpful and make us feel comfortable without being over bearing. I have to say that in all the stores I've visited in the past, you were the only one to ever take time to also make my children feel special. That alone made the long way home worth it to me!
Jay, VT

Penny, again thanks for your help. I am still really surprised with the condition they arrived in. I've always heard horror stories of shipping mandarins and them arriving covered in slime and not making it many days past acclimation. This pair arrived bright, colorful and swimming around in they're bags with just a very very very tiny amount of fin degradation on they're pectoral fins. I took the time to acclimate them as you said. I'm sure I need to give them a few days to adjust and get comfy in they're new home. Right now the male is hiding in the corner of the tank and the female is hanging out under a overhang. Both being very 'statuesque' as you would say. Hope they start roaming and end up happy.
Thanks again Penny
Brad, MD
Update:  They are so cute. The female is "cuddling up" against the male under an overhang. I went to feed this morning with my feeder tube with ova, selcon, garlic and mysis and they stalked the tube as I squirted some out. Was very pleased to see them eat and not spit.

Hi penny I have received my package and everything is doing so good and thank you for the extra snails. Thank you for all your hard work for getting me the midnight clown I really appreciate it and I will always go through you when I order fish and coral and I'm about to set up a 90 so I will need some fish and coral in the future thank you.
Michael, CA

You have had some of the best costumer service of any company I have ever done business with and I really appreciate it.  Thank you so much for all of your help.

Sabrina, TX

These are a couple of very impressive specimens you've sent me. They arrived in literally PERFECT condition and have taken to the tank and it's inhabitants pretty well so far. The Achilles is getting picked on just a little by the Kole Tang, but it doesn't appear to be too serious. I think they're establishing the pecking order. I saw this behavior from the Kole when I added the 2nd Hippo and it subsided within a few days. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks again!  John, NY

Update 24 hours later:  When I got home this afternoon, much to shock, the Achilles is swimming about, socializing, eating nori, and not being picked on!!  This is a good development that makes me very happy!

Please use me as a reference.  I have been collecting salt water fish for more than 25 years. This is perhaps the finest Moorish Idol I have seen in a very long time. Even though many believe Moorish Idols cannot be kept I have had them for as long as 8 years. Survival depends on handling, acclimation and the supplier. The dorsal streamer on this fish was very long and intact. It had been well fed.  The fish showed full body characteristics and was eating vigorously within 3 hours of arrival after a slow drip acclimation. FedEx delivered the fish within a 24 hour time span directly to my door. Packaging was substantial. After one week the fish is very healthy and displays no parasites or signs of disease or infection. On line purchase from a reliable dealer of a fish that has been acclimated and is eating well is definitely the best way to collect specimens. Accepting trans-shipped fish from the ocean without acclimation and holding is not a good way to collect.  I have done this many times with high mortality and disease problems. I would highly recommend AquaCorals Reef Aquariums to any hobbyist. Still iffy with pellet foods, needs a few more weeks of limited selections of foods.

Louis C Cosentino, Ph.D., MN


Thought I'd update you on my new ones and let you know they still look great. All are eating nori, flakes, mysis, and everything else I give em. The hippo's spots are still very few in number and declining daily.

Thanks again for these wonderful fish! I'm never buying a fish anywhere else ever again. It's just funny....there are no existing fish in my tank from my LFS, and all but one of the ones I've gotten from you have survived. And the one that died likely got infected from a fish from my LFS. Do we see a trend here?

PS these SALE emails you send are so tantalizing, I'm going to the poor house!

John, New York, NY


I am a long time freshwater hobbyist and have had over 50 freshwater species spawn in my tanks of up to 25 and over 2000 gallons of water at times.  I was never really interested in saltwater and it seemed a pretty technical and even unpredictable hobby.  Of course, many improvements in fresh and saltwater fish keeping have changed in the last 20 years.  A LFS specializing in saltwater fish and even breeding clowns peaked my interest.  The tanks looked really good and I finally decided to take the jump into saltwater. 

Boy did I get wet!  Part of this is my fault I am sure.  I was really trying to replicate the model I was given.  The people at the store were giving me a little different information each time that I came into the store.  I really think that they were trying to help me and they do know a lot, but I ended up with a huge algae bloom after a successful cycle because of faulty information.  I was really trying to keep my freshwater knowledge out of the equation as much as I could, but I had never seen such a mess in any of my tanks.  The initial cost is high as we all know.  Then to "fix" the problem, I bought a $300  canister filter and more hermits (80 total)  that kept killing my snails and each other.  Three months and not a single coral yet.  I realized that there must be a different way so I started with a search on the internet like:  evil hermits, hermit free saltwater, etc....
Things were even more strange and inconclusive on the net for me.  Then I found Aqua Corals and I read Penny's saltwater help pages over and over and then I read the system plans that she built and I felt like I could trust her and I was sure I could build the setup.  Just look at her pictures and you can tell she knows what she is doing.  I sent Penny several emails about specific problems and with her, "heart of a teacher", calm method helped me right away.  I built the PVC pipe and sump and added up to 6 inches of sand.  I had several pumps left over from outside ponds, I even did the bubble diffuser.  I was a little resistant to the R/O unit but finally did that and that made all the difference.  IF PENNY WROTE IT ON HER WEBSITE AND SAYS IT WORKS, JUST DO IT AND SAVE A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY! 

Within a week of extracting 62 hermit crabs, a starfish that was suppose to eat algae, and the addition of many snails in Penny's "clean up crew" things started to go in the right direction.  Now I am able to run 14+ hours of light for the the soft corals that Penny sent me right away after I told her how I had built the tank.  I would highly recommend the "AquaFrags" package if you are totally new to saltwater like me.  The corals grow quickly with lots of light and the tangs keep the aquarium free of that green stuff.  If you have any specific questions Penny will graciously help you out and if you read her "Self Help" topics, you can probably figure out what to do on your own.  You will not find a better or nicer help anywhere for reef aquariums and the shipping is worth the healthy livestock Penny will send you.  You won't find mantis shrimp and reef killing hermits at her store, just the reef friendly and frankly more interesting animals to many of us. 

A final note, as I was returning the last two hermit crabs to my LFS and claiming some store credit and I noticed that Penny's system is much more healthy and her corals at the store are not matched and I was thinking that my young tank was a lot cleaner than the ones at the LFS.  Nice guys, just different and no, I did not buy the mantis shrimp...As I left the LFS, one of the guys asked me if I needed any food for my corals.  I said, "No thanks, I storm twice a week and leave the lights on." 

Have fun and enjoy your tank,
Bryan, PA

Hi Penny, 
Everything arrived in great shape.  Thanks so much for the bonus snails.  I have two large tanks, so I was able to split the snails up.  Should be enough for them to eat.  Thanks again.
Larry, IN

When I first emailed Penny, I had no definite plans to start a reef tank. At the time, I was the proud owner of a small yet successful freshwater tank. But if any of you out there are like me, then every time you walk into your LFS and see the most gorgeous saltwater fish and coral imaginable, you wish nothing more than to make a serious upgrade and devote time to the saltwater hobby so that you can observe these animals always. AND, if you are like me, then you've likely been deterred from the hobby because the guy at your LFS or the reef forum you read doesn't want to pay you the time of day to explain a few things about how to get going.

Frustrated by my LFS, I found AquaCorals online, liked the website, and turned to Penny with a couple of questions about the hobby. To my surprise she answered my every question and concern, and upon further researching her site, slowly gained the courage to give the reef tank a fair chance. Well, it has been about 6 months since I first emailed her as a total and utter newb, and I am now the proud owner of a functioning, beautiful 300g reef tank. Let me just tell you that this woman works magic with newbies. Her plan for building a reef is all laid out nicely on her site and every detail is accounted for. She really makes it fool proof, and you can take it from me that if anyone had doubts about my ability to pull this off, it was me. Sure, there were bumps in the road, but no email went unanswered for longer than 24hours, and the solutions to my problems were always made clear and articulated well over email. Did I mention that you can also call her and get answers over the phone?

To date, every single piece of equipment and livestock I have ordered from AquaCorals has been flawless. In fact, I haven't gone anywhere else to buy anything yet because i simply haven't needed to. She has everything, and the price is right for the very top quality merchandise and livestock that she offers. I recommend Penny to every saltwater hobbyist I come across, because I truly owe it to her that I built the darn thing, and also that it has turned out so magnificently. Thank you so very much!!!!
John Alvino, New York, NY


Thank you for the snails! Everything I received looked great. The corals are open today Saturday and I commend you on the quantity of your live stock. After I see how my tanks take the load I will be ordering more from you.

Thank you again.

Robert, WV

"Hi Penny, 
Thank you for the follow up email.  Everything appears to be great.  Box arrived pristine, and contents were intact.  After acclimating the bags and animals to the aquarium, all the snails seem to be very happy consuming all of the "food" that I have available in the tank.  I had no idea the Nassarius snails were so tiny, I love them!  The two crabs have been very active, and the two pep. shrimp are doing great as well.  And of course, thank you so much for the bonus snails you added to my first order. ..."
Jon, NH

Everything was great! Thank you very much. I couldn't have asked for anything better! I enjoyed doing business with you!
Mike, OK

PENNY !!!   they came in GREAT !!!   clowns are gorgeous & the queen is in perfect condition...nice job on the packing !!
Ron, DE

Hi Penny,

I'm sorry to take so long to contact you. I just want to tell you how thrilled I am with the corals I got from you. They arrived in great shape, acclimated immediately and after two weeks they already have new growth.

The snails were a great surprise. I needed more. I am so glad I found you. I live on a farm in the country and we have  no reef stores in our area. After years of ordering from other shippers and the livestock not surviving I decided to try someone new (Aqua Corals) and am so happy I did.

I placed another order yesterday that will ship today. I am awaiting the delivery with great anticipation. I am also placing an order today. I will definitely be ordering my livestock from Aqua Corals from now on.

Thanks so much and have a great day,


Decatur, TX

Yes, everything came in great shape... the corals took to the tank instantly and are already acclimating, polyps came out right away, they look great and are healthy and huge!  The little guy scooted off under the rocks and will likely spend the first day or so in the shadows as he gets comfortable. Everything looked great and healthy, I'm very pleased as usual.  Have a great holiday weekend.
Jim, MA

Dear Penny, The box was in good condition, no apparent damage to the outside. The corals were extremely well packed with no problems. I floated the bags and then drip acclimated them yesterday. Today they are all open and look great. Thank You!
Frank, MO

Hi Penny,
I received my order this morning, everything was in good condition. Thanks for the extra snails. This is my first experience ordering livestock via delivery and was pleasantly surprised at the good condition of the leather coral and the snails.  By the way you have a very nice web site lots of good info. I took your advise on the deep sand bed. THANK YOU. Hope to place more orders in the future.
Noel, IL

I'm am elated to say that my Melanopus clowns and my black Ocellaris clown (separate tanks) arrived safely at my house at 1:25 pm.  "...The Melanopus clowns are gorgeous!  Two hours after I released them into the tank, I turned the lights on and was immediately breath taken.  At first they were shy, but then began to explore the tank.  An hour later, the female was burying herself in my RBTA. "...Thank-you again and I hope I can make a future purchase at AquaCorals.
Scott, NC

Hi Penny All is fine with the fish and corals we are very happy with them.  "... I Will be back for more.  "...You put our local shops to shame.
Thank you,
Serge and Debbie, FL

Hey Penny!!!

I received my order yesterday and I couldn't have asked for more!  Every specimen was healthy and plump and seemed to get along with everyone else immediately.  The colors of the majestic angel were striking like you had informed me they would be.  As always I thank you for all your efforts and diligence.  Doing business with you is always a pleasure and hassle free. 

Thanks again, 

Kyle, Texas


Its been just about two years since my first gallon of water entered my 70 gallon tank. As you know this was my first salt water tank. I never imagined the amount of highs and lows in one hobby. This is now a part of my life. My fascination by the reef success is immeasurable to any other activity in my past. I want to thank you for all your accurate advise and patience you extend to me. I have a very good balance of happy fish and corals and I owe this all to you.


Thanks Penny

Gary, Newbury, MA

The order arrived in great condition this morning.  Thank you for the extra snails, that was very nice.  I'm extremely pleased with the quality of your corals!
Thank you.

Jim Crimmins, MA

Hello Penny,
I received my order about 15 mins ago. Everything looks good..."Your packing is top notch. The little black out sheets you put in the bags are so nice of you...."
Again thank you.
Kind Regards, 
Nathan, Bristol, ME

Hey Penny!

I just wanted to once again thank you for your efforts.  With all the time and effort I have devoted to my little ones I almost started to give up after losing specimens again and again from not only my local pet store but also stores 2-3 hours from my house.  After I received my powder blue and hippo tang I was immediately impressed with the condition and behavior of these guys.  You have really changed my way of thinking about mail order fish, and believe me you have earned a customer for life. 


Kyle Adams


Hi Penny,


Sorry I didn't write back sooner.  Everything looks great!  My wife just loves the mandarin!!  I'm really excited about everything and thank you so much for the extra critters you threw in.  Although I can see why you recommend so many cleaners - I'll probably be ordering more soon.



John, TX

Hi Penny,

I am enjoying my new arrivals. I could not believe how big the shrimps and crab are as well as how nicely they were packed. They are very lively and healthy unlike other's that I have purchased in the past. I am very impressed how well they have acclimated to our tank due to the wonderful care you have given them.

I feel alot better about my tank after you helped me identify some of the issues I have. We have a house full of relatives this week so I will not be able to take care of those nasty anemones yet, their time is limited in my tank though.

Thank you for helping me with my tank, I also want you to know that you will be my new reef resource from now on as you have very good quality livestock and you carefully packed them so that I would not have to be hassled with a return. I love the stress free shopping with you.

Thank you,
Kelly Neis


My brother received the order this morning and said that everything arrived in great condition.  Thank you for the birthday wishes and the free astrea snails!  We'll send you some pics when everything settles in and gets happy...."

"... I am just so excited because you have such a different selection of corals, fish, etc.  It's refreshing! 

We definitely look forward to doing business with you again in the near future and hope to take a road trip up north sometime to visit your store once the winter ends.  Thanks again for the top notch transaction - it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Weymouth, Mass

Good morning, 

I received my order on Friday. Thank you very much.
Looks like you have a new satisfied customer.
I should be placing another order shortly.
Please have a wonderful day.
Jacksonville, NC

Hi Penny,

The chalice arrived in great condition this morning. Thank you for the freebie. I will keep an eye on your site for more chalices.

Thanx Again,

Lake Worth, FL

From: "Penny - AquaCorals"

Hi Wyman, 

Just checking in to see how your coral shipment arrived?


It went smooth and the items are fantastic.  Thank you also for the snails.  I will order from you again!
Alameda, CA

Hi Penny,
The corals are doing great.  This was the 2nd order I have placed with you and have been very impressed.  I accidentally found your web site while searching for soft corals and glad I did.  The next time that I need anything you will be the first place I will check.  Thank You.

"...I have ordered from drs foster & smith, the marine center, marine depot and various vendors for zoo's and I can honestly say the corals I have gotten from you are great."

Dr. Bryan Douglas
Emporia , KS

Hi Penny,

Sorry that this took so long to get back to you.  The shipment arrived perfectly and the corals are awesome.

As always a big thank you.

Moultonborough, NH

Subject: RE: How Did Your Clam Arrive? 

The clam I purchased from AquaCorals arrived extremely healthy and responsive, and the mantel color was even more amazing than in the photo on the website. Penny's dedication to customer service and satisfaction as well as livestock health surpasses all of my previous experiences with both local and online saltwater livestock vendors. Thanks Penny!

Clinton Krell
Waukesha, WI

Hi Penny,

The corals arrived yesterday and after acclimating they are loving their new home.  They are absolutely gorgeous!!  We'll be ordering from you again and many many thanks for sending us the largest you had.  We'll be talking with you again soon. 
Take care and have a wonderful weekend yourself.
Mr & Mrs White

Hi Penny, 

Everything arrived in tact. The brown polyps have opened up and can't tell they have been shipped..."

Greensboro, NC

Thanks for the follow up Penny!  Everything arrived in perfect condition! Thank you so much….Hopefully will be adding to my tank soon so I’ll definitely be in touch. Jason
Bradenton, FL

Subject: Thanks!

Hi. I got the green star polyps on Friday. I started seeing one or 2 polyps opening up right before I went
to bed. Now 11 or more have opened up :) They were shipped great and are really showing off that metallic green. I put them in a spot of medium indirect flow and they love it! The snails are doing well. too.  "...Thanks for the extras!

Subject: Shipment arrived!

Hello Penny,...from Tennessee.  I had talked to you today about not being able to track a shipment.  Don't know if you remember or not, but you said if I hadn't gotten it by the time I got home from work, then I should forward the email you had sent of it being shipped.  I just wanted to let you know that the shipment had arrived by the time I got home and everything made it fine.  Thank you for all your help and patience.  I'll be looking for you guys/gals in the future.  Thanks again!!


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