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220g 1 2009

If you want a tank like mine above (220g #1 - pic taken 2009), below is a list of items & equipment needed to setup my AquaCorals Reef System.  It does not include the PVC pipe & parts needed to plumb.  That is addressed under my articles "How To Plumb".  Again, if you do what I do, using the same equipment & supplies I do, you will duplicate my success!!

Click on the item links below to go to that product page for even more details about & purchase info for them.

Tank & Stand - I highly recommend a 75g MIN!  220g+ BEST!!  See my article "Tank Selection" for details!

Overflow Box Sets: I use the following:

75g to 90g - Use 2 PF 800
110g to 125g - Use 3 PF 800
150g to 220g - Use 3 PF 1000
265g to 300g - Use 4 PF 1000
NOTE on the PF 1000 overflow box sets - Do NOT use the 2 U tubes included.  Purchase a single 1.5" U tube & use only 1 per overflow box set.
Sump Water Pump: 10x per hr turnover MINIMUM.  Example:  75 gal tank x 10 = 750 GPH at the top tank rim!

Skimmer:  Choose one that more than satisfies your min system gallons (include sump) example:  75g + 25g sump = 100 gal system

Heater:  Size - Min 3 watts per gallon (be sure to include approx sump gallons & round up the total gallons) - more watts is better as the heaters don't have to run as long.  We use at least 2 heaters for redundancy in case one fails.

Thermometer:  Use a glass floating thermometer alone or to back up & dial in digital equipment


Powerheads:  (2) are always used on the tank ends - (1) for Left end) & (1) for Right end).  The others are for the tank back glass center to front glass:

3 Ft Tanks use (3) total MJ Pro 600 - (1) for back glass
4 Ft Tanks use (4) total MJ Pro 900 - (2) used for back center to front
6 Ft Tanks (up to 18 inches front to back wide) use (2) MJ Pro 1200 (L & R ends) & (2) use MJ Pro 900 for back center to front
6 Ft Tanks (over 18 inches front to back wide) use (4) MJ Pro 1200 - (2) used for back center to front

Initial powerhead Placements:


Wavemaker:  Optional – normally attached to our powerheads, they create random water flow inside tank to simulate the ebb & flow of ocean current.
Though no longer made the Red Sea Wavemaker Pro is my all-time favorite & used exclusively here at AquaCorals.  You can sometimes find them used for sale on Ebay etc.

RO Water Filter:  MUST have - strips impurities/contaminants out of our water source.
RO Float Valve: To expand RO Automation, i.e. auto top-off/evaporation replacement & saltwater mix containers

Salt:  IO Reef Crystals - Reef Salt

Refractometer: Measures the amount of salt in your water  I do NOT recommend Hydrometers as they rarely, if EVER give a correct reading!  This is too important to risk!  Get a Refractometer & protect your livestock investment!

Reef Lighting:  LED, T5, Metal Halide, VHO Flo - All good & very critical to keeping corals!

Ground Probe:  Removes stray electrical current protecting you & your livestock!

Sump Tote:  Largest to fit under stand!

Live Rock:  1 Lb per gallon of tank MINIMUM.  Do NOT go as much as 2 Lbs per gallon or you'll end up with water displacement = more rock than water in your tank!

Sand:  Bottom:  Carib Sea Oolite Ocean Direct Live (live/wet) Reef Sand 40 Lb Bags -  3 - 4 inches

 Sand:  TOP:  AragAlive (live/wet) – 1 - 2"


You will also need:

Tank Glass Scraper

Reef Carbon & Polyfilters - to help remove organic & chemical contaminants

Mesh Bag - to hold your carbon media

Additional powerhead to stir your new saltwater container - I recommend the MJ600 or MJ900

Hose to perform water changes - - I recommend the Python Hose but do not use any attachments - just the hose only


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