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9/20:  Cutting, Cutting AND New Heater Shipment & More Landed!

I'm making new coral babies today!  Watch this website for item availability & be sure to submit a "Notify Me" for anything you'd like that I show out of stock on because soon I'll have more & you'll want to be the first to know because they typically go fast!

Also, I just received a new shipment of Finnex HMA heaters and many other items!  This time of year our reef systems start calling on their heaters to maintain our optimum 78 degrees.  Equipment will fail over time & that includes heaters!  Be sure to check yours to make sure they're operating properly.  Watch your tank temp to ensure it and if you don't already have several heaters for redundancy, you might consider getting one or 2 more.  If one fails, your tank won't be able to fall to a dangerous, killing temp!  Also, new Sure Grip magnet mounts are in so if you're using the rubber mounts that come with Cobalt Powerheads, it's not a matter of IF they will fail, but just when.  Saltwater degrades rubber & the end result is failure - sometimes on a catastrophic level!

For those who haven't been into the facility lately, Jay & I have been busy reconditioning the 14 yo AB rack system & man does it look great!  Stop in & check it out because we've made a TON more space for new coral babies, more fish & inverts WHICH more livestock should be landing next week so be sure to get your "Notify Me" requests in for anything I show out of stock on.  :c)

Stay tuned!  :c)

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