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What's New!

Here's what's happening at AquaCorals!

1/19:  OPEN Today Noon to 5pm!!  LOADED with Goodies!  :c)

All of last week's livestock is now fully conditioned & ready for their new forever homes!  That & I've received a TON of dry goods & am fully stocked with a new shipment of Figi Premium liverock, plumbing ball valves, Red Sea Test Kits, Test Reagent Refills, Liquid Element Additives & again, a ton more!  Stop in this week & see the new lighting over Parent tank 75g-1, been a while since we've seen this tank so beautiful!  The corals are gorgeous & LOVING their new light.  :c)  So much more going on here I can't fit it all here.  Stop in & play where only reefs are found!


NEW January Super Tank & Stand SALE!!  See "Specials" for details!


Only $49!!  Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt Flying Out the Door!

If you haven't already seen the "Specials" page I want you to know that this salt is on FINAL Clearance Sale for only $49 a pail!!!  I have a few pails left - once it's gone, it's GONE!  People have been rushing in to get theirs & there is NO limit on how many you can take!!  Again, good while supplies last AND in-house sales only. 











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    I read review's before I ordered from Aqua an thought I give them a try. ...

    Joe · Reviews · 18 days ago