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Here's what's happening at AquaCorals!  #makereefinggreatagain !

3/22: NEW Livestock Shipment Landed!!

Clownfish (including the almost never offered anymore - Wild Ocellaris!), Tangs, Gobies, Mandarins & a TON more landed!  Oh my gosh... I have the most adorable "baby Tang tank" happening here!  Little Blue Hippo, Clown & Orange Shoulder Tangs & they're so freak'n cute!  Stop in & check them out! 


New Tank & Stand Sale AND Salt CLEARANCE SALE!

This week I am selling IO Reef Crystals 160g Salt Pails for only $43!!!  The AquaCorals facility floors are being professionally reconditioned soon so I need to clear the floors!  My loss - YOUR steal!!

The Perfecto 220g & 75g tanks are on SUPER SALE!!  See the "Specials" page for details!



If you haven't already switched Salts - I urge you to Do So NOW!

Truly, the salt problems we've experienced are very serious & everyone should make the change immediately if you haven't already.  Even if you haven't used all your old salt, the cost in possible dead livestock isn't worth using it!!  For details see my "Special Salt Report"  -  "Self Help for Reefers / Water Quality / Special Salt Report" article page.

#makereefinggreatagain !


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