AquaCorals will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day but OPEN Friday & Saturday as normal.  Shipping Friday 11/24 for Sat. Delivery only that week.

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Here's what's happening at AquaCorals!

11/17: New Livestock Landed!!!

 Another new livestock shipment landed & I can't wait for everyone to see the new items!  6" wild Ultra Maxima Clams, Seahorses, fish including Purple Tangs (& many other Tangs!), Majestic Angels & the RARE Fountain Feather Dusters!!  These & a ton more!!  Stay tuned for updates!  :c)

Also, there is a new Tank & Stand SALE!  See "Specials" for details!

NEW First Releases Now Available!!

I just released for the first time ever Ultra Metallic Blue Zoas PLUS I just released a new but small batch of Weeping Willow Toadstools which are flying out the door with just a few pieces left so be sure to place an order & secure yours before any of these corals are gone!!

Also note that the smallest box I ship in can take one or 2 more corals before costing more to ship so be sure to check others out & make the most of the FedEx ship cost as well!

The facility is OPEN Again to the public this Thursday Noon to 5pm!!

The fish kids & I look forward to playing with everyone!



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