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Contact Penny & Driving Directions to AquaCorals Reef Aquariums - 34 Currier Road, Fairfield, ME

AquaCorals is situated between 2 roads - Currier Rd & Nye's Corner Dr.
Be careful!  Many GPS units get it wrong!

Easy Directions are:

I95 From the South:

Take I95 to Fairfield Exit 133 .  Take a right off the ramp (puts you North onto Rt 201).  Start clocking the miles & drive 4 miles which will bring you to a 4 corner intersection (Rt 23 meets Rt 201) make a right turn onto Nye's Corner Drive.  You will see my Road Directional sign on the right just before the turn.

I95 From the North:

I95 directions the same except take a left off exit ramp onto Rt 201.

Contact Penny:

You can e-mail me at ** for general questions.

For Those W/Questions on Coral Health etc. You MUST Provide the Following:

ALL pics MUST be taken with FULL day lights (all white & blue channels) then take your pic.

You MUST send me FULL tank front pic.  Additional closer up pics of corals etc. in question are good too but most important is the Hi Res full tank front pic.  Be sure I can see everything Left to Right end, top to bottom as I look for water flow points & more.

When e-mailing me, you MUST do the following:

On your PC, "Insert" or "Attach" the image file TO the e-mail.  Never, ever put a pic in the message body.

On your phone, Choose the pic(s) you want to send & select "Share".

Choose e-mail as the app to share it with.  This opens your e-mail app & attaches the pic file to the e-mail.

Address the e-mail to me:  ""

Write your message to me detailing your concerns etc.

Give me details about your tank & system (the more I know, the better I can help):

Tank gallons

How long has the system been running?

Temp & salinity (using a refract or hydrometer? - tell me)

How often do you perform a water change & how much/gallons?

Do you have a skimmer?

Are you running an overflow/sump system or mechanical like canister or hang-on filter or ?

Knowing the above & receiving clear hi res images will help me help you without 50 e-mails back & forth getting the info/pics I need.

Thank YOU for helping ME help you.  :c)



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