Water Changes - Why/ How Much & How To Prepare

Why/ How Much:  There are many contaminants that can only be removed from our tanks by means of water changes.  Also, corals & other tank inhabitants utilize important trace elements during the week.  The best way to replace them is to perform 10% weekly water changes using a high quality salt like Instant Ocean Reef Crystals.  Be kind to your reef!  Give your livestock a breath of fresh air by performing 10% weekly water changes.

How To Prepare:  Mixing New Saltwater for Water Changes:

Fill your saltwater mixing container with RO or RODI filtered water.  Do not add your salt until your container is full.  Slowly add the salt to desired SG (Specific Gravity).  1.026 is best as salt manufacturers formulate their salt to contain element levels at this salinity.  I do not heat my saltwater as I've found that 10% water changes doesn't change the tank temp enough to warrant heating the new saltwater.  It doesn't hurt if you do heat the water though.  Just not necessary.

You can safely use the saltwater as soon as the water is clear.  Usually within an hour or 2 if water movement in your mixing container is fairly strong.  For my 36 gal mixing containers I use a Cobalt 900 powerhead in each.

A final note:  Be warned!  Some people think they can get away with fewer water changes.  This can be so IF you spend alot of time testing, replacing trace elements & filter medias, very expensive & time consuming!!  Even then mechanical removal cannot remove ALL contaminants that a physical water change does so I absolutely recommend & practice 10% weekly water changes!  If you don't perform 10% weekly water changes, it's not a matter of IF you'll have problems with nuisance algae etc., it's just a matter of when.

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