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See "Specials" for Aquariums on Sale!  All tanks below are "cash" priced at 3% OFF my already low retail!  You save 3% by paying in cash or checks in-house OR, if you can't come in just e-mail me what you'd like & I'll send you a quote.  I can PayPal invoice you for 3% more than the cash prices below.  Pickup requirements below...


220g 1 2009
AquaCorals 220g #1 2007

A 75g is the best choice for a starter tank but PLEASE, go larger if you can!  Bottom line is to choose the largest tank your space will allow & pocketbook can afford!  !Remember!  This is "ocean gardening" so It's about the garden "space" inside the tank ... not the gallons.  For more & detailed reasons - especially when setting up a reef tank - see my article here:

All tanks are standard black trim tanks, NOT "reef ready" (again, see my article above as to why I do not sell nor recommend them in any way)..  I do NOT ship.  You must be able to pickup either here at the AquaCorals facility OR at my Taunton Mass warehouse.  Both locations provide help to load your tank &/or stands.  If you order a very large/heavy tank & plan to pickup at my facility, you must be able to be here to meet my delivery driver on Wednesday mornings so you can help him unload from his truck & he will help you load into yours.  I receive an ETA from my driver which I communicate to you so no time is wasted.  Tanks &/or stands must be prepaid before I order them.  Stop in or call to order.  Contact me with any questions.

Be sure to checkout the "Specials" page to see any tanks & stands on sale!

Tank 90g


Click here for a Tank Weight Guide

75 gallon Tank - 48x18x20" - $229

90 gallon Tank - 48x18x24" - $339

110 gallon Tank - 48X18X30" - $499

120 gallon Tank - 48x24x24" - $529

150 gallon XH Tank - 48x24x30" - $659




Tank 210g

120 gallon XH Tank - 60X18X26" - $429

125 gallon Tank - 72x18x22" - $469

150 gallon Tank - 72x18x28" - $769

180 gallon Tank - 72x24x24" - $929

210 gallon Tank - 72X24X29" - $1100

220 gallon Tank - 72x24x30" - $1200 - 2 Featured @ AquaCorals!

265 gallon Tank - 84x24x30" - $1800


Tank & Stand Pickup Program in Taunton Mass!!!

If you live close enough to drive to Taunton, Massachusetts to pick up your tank or stand or both , YOU can now purchase my tank & stands!  Anyone within driving distance to my Taunton warehouse can play with us too!   Other bulky &/or heavy to ship items like salt, sand, overflows & more can also be picked up at the same time as your tank!  E-mail me for more info!

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