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See "Specials" for Glass Aquariums on Sale!  All glass aquarium tanks below are "cash" priced at 3% OFF my already low retail!  You save 3% by paying in cash or checks in-house OR, if you can't come in just e-mail me what you'd like & I'll send you a quote.  I can PayPal invoice you for 3% more than the cash prices below.  Sizes, Dimensions and pricing for my glass aquarium tanks as well as Pickup requirements below...


220g 1 2009
AquaCorals 220g #1 2007

A 75g is the best choice for a starter tank but PLEASE, go larger if you can!  Bottom line is to choose the largest tank your space will allow & pocketbook can afford!  !Remember!  This is "ocean gardening" so It's about the garden "space" inside the tank ... not the gallons.  For more & detailed reasons - especially when setting up a reef tank - see my article here:

All glass aquarium tanks are standard black trim tanks, NOT "reef ready" (again, see my article above as to why I do not sell nor recommend them in any way)..  I do NOT ship.  You must be able to pickup your glass aquarium tanks either here at the AquaCorals facility OR at my Taunton Mass warehouse.  Both locations provide help to load your glass aquarium tanks &/or stands.  If you order a very large/heavy tank & plan to pickup at my facility, you must be able to be here to meet my delivery driver on Wednesday mornings so you can help him unload from his truck & he will help you load into yours.  I receive an ETA from my driver which I communicate to you so no time is wasted.  Tanks &/or stands must be prepaid before I order them.  Stop in or call to order.  Contact me with any questions.

Be sure to checkout the "Specials" page to see any tanks & stands on sale!

Tank 90g


Click here for a Tank Weight Guide

75 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 48x18x20" - $229

90 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 48x18x24" - $339

110 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 48X18X30" - $499

120 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 48x24x24" - $529

150 gallon XH Glass Aquarium Tank - 48x24x30" - $659




Tank 210g

120 gallon XH Glass Aquarium Tank - 60X18X26" - $429

125 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 72x18x22" - $469

150 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 72x18x28" - $769

180 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 72x24x24" - $929

210 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 72X24X29" - $1100

220 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 72x24x30" - $1200 - 2 Featured @ AquaCorals!

265 gallon Glass Aquarium Tank - 84x24x30" - $1800


Glass Aquarium Tank & Stand Pickup Program in Taunton Mass!!!

If you live close enough to drive to Taunton, Massachusetts to pick up your tank or stand or both , YOU can now purchase my glass aquarium tanks & stands!  Anyone within driving distance to my Taunton warehouse can play with us too!   Other bulky &/or heavy to ship items like salt, sand, overflows & more can also be picked up at the same time as your glass aquarium tanks!  E-mail me for more info!

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