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SUPER Tonga Nassarius Snails

SUPER Tonga Nassarius Snails

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For:  Sand Stirring & Scavenging
SUPER Tonga Nassarius - (Nassarius distortus)

Size approx. Up to 1"

Shell style may vary slightly from pictures.

These are a much rarer Nassarius snails!  Larger than their little cousin, the regular Tonga Nassarius snail and have a much more ornate shell!  They can move more sand due to their size.  Troublesome hermits crabs & Sand Sifting Starfish (I'd never keep these 2 in my tank!) are not needed when you employ these totally harmless Nassarius snails!  No bad behaviors like the killer & carnivore hermit crabs normally used.  Fantastic scavengers & great for keeping your sand bed stirred and loose! They eat detritus, uneaten fish food & waste and burrow in the top 1 inch of your substrate, again, keeping it loose & clean. They will "Pop" out of the sand when you feed!  Function and sport a beautiful shell!

Recommended per tank:
1 per 5 gallons of tank
Example:  75g tank = 38 Nassarius

This is a "rule of thumb", not an exact science.  You can add them all at once or add to your population as you can until you reach this approximate number.  Over time they will naturally decrease in numbers.  Try to keep 1/2 of the starting number in stock going forward.

Average size is 1 inch.

Pictures are examples only.  Expect some variations.

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