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Penny Is A Wealth Of Knowledge...How Lucky To Have Discovered Aqua Corals!
  · 2 months ago.
I am new to keeping a reef tank and my less than a year old tank is doing well. I began stocking my tank with corals I bought from AquaCorals and I could not be more pleased.
I am the type of person that does a lot of research before I buy and I feel so fortunate to have discovered Aqua Corals in searching the web.
I knew when my first order arrived that I was dealing with a first class, caring vendor. The packaging, the instructions and the communication both before and after my purchase are exemplary. Penny is a rare find. Knowledgeable, super caring and accommodating.
My corals are beautiful and doing well and My second order is do to arrive this week here in California.
I wish I had found AquaCorals before buying my equipment, since I have come to realize now that I could have made better choices to make this my new found hobby better and easier. AquaCorals website is a wealth of knowledge.
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