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DEP Cost Reimbursement Form

Below is the link to download the DEP's "vendor form".  This is the form to use to submit receipts for water & other purchases you've made related to your confirmed PFAS contamination.  I suggest making a copy of your receipts & send in the copy with the form (make a copy of the form too).  Keep the original receipts.  If this or the procedure changes, I'll update it here.

DEP Cost Reimbursement Form

Molly at the DEP wrote me this:
Wed 1/27/2021 2:20 PM
Please send your invoices, the total amount requested for reimbursement, and associated proof of purchase receipts to Sherrie Kelley here at the DEP - #17 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0017. As I have stated before, we are currently developing the procedure for processing these claims, so I ask that you remain patient with us as we formalize this process. Sherrie will receive your claims and get back to you if she needs additional information at this time.
I have attached our “new vendor form” which you and your mother will need to complete and send to us with your receipts/documentation.
Best Regards,


Molly King, Director
Division of Technical Services
Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
Phone: office (207) 287-7166, cell (207) 458-8839

There are NO safe levels of ANY PFAS chemicals
NONE !!!

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