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I'm constantly being asked ... Are You Selling Fish Anymore? 

Quick answer is - yes & no.  I will not be bringing in more until international flights are normalized.  The vast majority of the reef fish we keep are collected in the Indo Pacific area and need cargo flights to come into the US.  What used to be a 2 day flight is now 4 days & many are perishing from the stress.  Given the extreme mortality rate, super high costs per animal & shipping, I've decided to wait & put my focus on my soft & LPS coral aquaculture efforts.  I remain hopeful that "normal" is around the corner & once it is, I plan to bring in fish livestock again. I will certainly post on my website AND send a newsletter when that happens.

Note, I also work with US livestock collectors so will continue to bring in their inventory which is mainly CUC & sometimes fish.


Red Sea Purple Tang


Out of Stock

Purple Tang - Zebrasoma xanthurum

Size approx. 2.75-3" 

Mine are healthy little piggies eating Nori, ON flakes & PE Mysis!  One of the most sought after & prized of all Tang fish, the Purple Tang is a favorite not only to hobbyists but to everyone who gets to see one!  Another show stopper!  Deep purple body color & stunning contrast brilliant yellow tail & as it gets older it's body lines a polka dot face becomes more prominent.  This is a must have fish!

We only have so much room in our tanks!  Be sure to get your favorites & if this is one of them, grab it when you see it as I don't often have them due to availability from my favorite supplier!

This fish is safe to be in a tank with my aquacultured tank raised soft corals for sale on this website including Branching & Leather soft coralsToadstool soft coralsPolyp soft coralsMushroom & Ricordea soft coralsZoanthid soft coralsXenia soft coralsGorgonian and Sponge soft coralsLPS hard corals as well as SPS hard corals.

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