Below are some of my soft coral parent tanks with their corals identified.  These pics are also found on the soft coral item pages as well.  This is to put them all in one place so you can see where & how I have the corals in my tanks & what my soft corals look like when larger.  There are more soft coral Parent tanks & I will post them here soon.

AquaCorals 220g #1 soft coral parent tank - 2008

220 CoralChart5 08

AquaCorals 180g soft coral parent tank - 2012

180g 2012 2000Px BCORALS

AquaCorals 150g soft coral parent tank - 2009
Replaced with 220g #2

150 7 27 09 CHART

AquaCorals 220 #2 soft coral parent tank - 2024
CHART 220 2 2023 9TH

AquaCorals 180g soft coral parent tank - 2014

180CHART 2014

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