Red Plating Photosynthetic Sponge Soft Coral


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This is a Red Plating Photosynthetic Sponge Soft Coral mounted to rock.

Pieces are approx 2+" & are vertical "branches" - not flat but should grow out in plates & branches as it matures!

The first picture above is my parent & the second picture is what it looked like when I purchased it.  Sold to me as a plating sponge my parent is now creating branches which I believe are like runners looking for another hard surface to attach to & continue growing.  This is my first experience with this soft coral so I'm still watching how it grows as it gets larger.  Either way it's a stunner in both color & form & sure to please!  It certainly catches eyes here!  Below is the parent tank it's growing in here & as you can see, it stands out among the rest!

75g 7 11 2019

Beautiful in any aquarium, it's super for Seahorse tanks too!

No feeding necessary with this beauty!  The Red Plating Sponge Soft Coral is photosynthetic so will primarily get it's nutrition from your lights!  Not light fussy either & can be placed almost anywhere in your tank that gets light.

Special Acclimation Notes:  I recommend not allowing the Red Plating Sponge to touch air.  Acclimate by making a 2-3" cut in the bag under water & let it float for 1/2 hour then while under water, stretch the cut open to release under water.

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