TR Blue Neon Goby


TR Blue Neon GobyGobiosoma oceanops

Size approx. 1.5"

Tank raised or captive bred Blue Neon Gobies are a Reef Safe fish.  They are known to be a cleaner fish & will often be seen performing this function in the home aquaria.  The Blue Neon Goby is super hardy, stays small so is an excellent candidate for nano tanks.   Don't let their size fool you though, they are just fine with large reef fish too!  Amazingly other fish know these little Neon Blue Gobies are cleaners as well!  The Neon Blue Goby tolerate other Gobies & other reef fish very well but may fight with it's own unless a mated pair.  Pairs are also known to spawn in captivity too!  If I show a pair offered, you'll want to grab them!

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