Orange Skunk Clownfish Female


Orange Skunk Clownfish FEMALE - Amphiprion sandaracinos

Size approx.  3"

One of the most peaceful of all clownfish & certainly unique in it's natural markings given the bright white stripe from it's nose to tail against a vibrant orange colored body, the Orange Skunk Clownfish is a beautiful addition to any reef.

All Clownfish are born as males & because of this it's one of the few reef fish we can sex with the larger of 2 or more seen together being the females & the others, juv males.  When the females dies the most dominant male in a group turns female & starts the life cycle again.

Add 2 to your tank & watch them pair up & eventually display breeding behavior & one day you may see a cluster of eggs & get to watch them develop!

Remember, we can only have one species of Clownfish in our tanks because when they get to breeding age & size they will defend your entire tank as their breeding ground which often times mean the death of any other clownfish in the tank.  For long term success, please only keep a single pair of one species.

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