Announcement Concerning Fish

I'm constantly being asked ... Are You Selling Fish Anymore? 

Quick answer is - yes & no.  I will not be bringing in more until international flights are normalized.  The vast majority of the reef fish we keep are collected in the Indo Pacific area and need cargo flights to come into the US.  What used to be a 2 day flight is now 4 days & many are perishing from the stress.  Given the extreme mortality rate, super high costs per animal & shipping, I've decided to wait & put my focus on my soft & LPS coral aquaculture efforts.  I remain hopeful that "normal" is around the corner & once it is, I plan to bring in fish livestock again. I will certainly post on my website AND send a newsletter when that happens.

Note, I also work with US livestock collectors so will continue to bring in their inventory which is mainly CUC & sometimes fish.


Coral Beauty Angel


Coral Beauty Angel - Centropyge bispinosus

Approx. Size 3.5"


One of the most highly sought after Pygmy Angels due to their intense blue/purple bodies that gradient to a rich orange side & belly.  Like their other Pygmy Angel cousins, the Coral Beauty Pygmy Angel provides lots of movement in a tank due to their constant movement/swimming in & out of the rocks.  The Coral Beauty is a totally reef safe species & can be housed with other Pygmy Angels in reef tanks 75g & larger.  Best results is to introduce the Angels together.

Mine are piggies on all the foods I offer.  Click here to see my article about how & what to feed Reef Fish for long term health.



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