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Flame Scallop


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Flame Scallop

We are cool little bivalves that like to literally hang out & eat all day.  My gorgeous deep orange color pops in any reef environment.  We're kind of like "where's Waldo" because we often move about the tank looking for the best food spot so here today, somewherelse over night!  Fun to watch, beautiful to look at!

Note:  please do not target feed us.  We are filter feeders so if you gently blow your rocks with a turkey baster a couple times a week, we'll be assured of plenty to eat.

I don't recommend taking Flame Scallops out of the water as it may stress them.  Please acclimate as outlined below.

With tank lights off, do not open their bag & float for 15 minutes to equalize any temperature difference.  After 15 minutes, open the bag, check the bag salinity with a refractometer & if your tank is more than 2 degrees different than their bag DOUBLE the acclimation!  Continue to float & gently start adding some of your tank water to the bag.  On average the bags I use for them will need 1/2 cup every 15 minutes - do this for an hour then submerse the entire bag under your tank water and gently take them out of the bag & place in a lower region of your tank.  My water is reef water & is totally safe to add to your tank.

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