Carberryi Anthias


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Carberryi Anthias - Nemanthias carberryi

Average Size 3"

Anthias do better in schools consisting of one male with several females or all females.  You may only keep one male per tank as 2 will fight to the death usually resulting in both being lost!  If you keep a school of just females, the dominant female will turn male!  I have not seen any color differences between wild caught males & captive females turned male.  These fish are a stunning addition to an established reef tank!  Frozen PE Mysis shrimp & Calanus are core to their diet.  They may eventually eat Formula 2 flakes and Nori Seaweed!  My personal ones do!!  If sizes are posted they are approximate.

Figi collected males are a deep pink where African specimens remain orange like the females except they get larger, develop polka dots on the side fins and the dorsal fin elongates.  All Anthias are born as females & when no male is present the dominant female in the group turns male!

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