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Ultra Crocea Clam


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Ultra Crocea Clam

Every Crocea clam is unique.  Both in colors & patterns, therefore I will always post WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) pictures & size information when I have them for sale.

Note:  NEVER feed clams!  They gain 99% of their nutrition from photosynthesis.  Crocea Clams need strong reef lighting.  They all should be placed on a hard surface/rock & will attach themselves by means of a byssal thread & eventually will bore itself into the rock so be sure to place them where you want them because it will be a permanent placement!  You can set them on a rock so that when attached you can move them rock & all but otherwise, don't try to move them or you may lethally damage them.

NEVER take clams out of the water!!  If air gets trapped inside, it can kill them.

Special Acclimation is needed!  With tank lights off, do not open their bag & float for 15 minutes to equalize any temperature difference.  After 15 minutes, open the bag, check the bag salinity with a refractometer & if your tank is more than 2 degrees different than their bag DOUBLE the acclimation!  Continue to float & gently start adding some of your tank water to the bag.  On average the bags I use for them will need 1/2 cup every 15 minutes - do this for an hour then submerse the entire bag under your tank water and gently take them out of the bag & place in a lower region of your tank.  My water is reef water & is totally safe to add to your tank.

 Max wild size is 6 inches - the smallest of the Tridacna clams

Pictures are examples only unless noted by WYSIWYG

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