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Emerald Crabs


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For:  Algae on rocks & scavenging
This is a Mithrax Crab and it's the only CRAB I sell for a reef tank!  Completely reef safe. Great scavengers.  Known to eat hair & sometimes bubble algae but will go after uneaten fish food & fish waste making them a great all-around cleaner! 

Note that they will shed their entire body & leg shell when they need to grow.  They literally open the bottom of their "belly pan" shell & back out!  The shell left behind makes you think your Emerald crab is dead!!  You can always take the shell out & if the bottom of the body shell flops down you know it's just a shed shell.  :c)  They may hide a bit more after shedding as their new shell hardens.

Recommended per tank:
1 /3 Ft - 2 /4 Ft - 3+ /6 Ft

Average size is 1/2 inch body shell.

Pictures are examples only.  Expect some variations.

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