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For:  Top Sand Stirring & Scavenging

Mine are a Non-Toxic Species!  Totally reef safe!
Cucumbers are fantastic top sand cleaners (they do not bury).  They physically eat sand grains & produce clean sand waste.  They will travel next to the base of your rocks targeting areas where detritus collect.  Don't be alarmed if you don't see much of them as they prefer the dark nooks & cranny areas of your rock work!
Will come in different colors.  Note:  I've never seen a cucumber starve so no worries about my recommended numbers or even adding one or 2 more!

Recommended per tank:
2 up to 3 Ft tank
3-4 up to 4 Ft tank
4-6 up to 6 Ft tank
Average size is 3-4 inch.
Having more than one in a tank gives you a chance of having cucumber babies!  :c)

Pictures are examples only.  Expect some variations.

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