Hanna HI98319 Waterproof Salinity Tester



The HI-98319 waterproof salinity and temperature tester is perfect for any saltwater aquarium. A more accurate alternative to refractometers, this tester uses conductivity to determine salinity levels of natural and artificial seawater. Ideal for testing salinity in salt water aquariums, it is quick and easy to use and provides digital readout of both salinity and temperature.

Salinity results are displayed in either parts per thousand (ppt), Practical Salinity Units (PSU), or Specific Gravity (SG).

The HI-98319 waterproof salinity and temperature tester marine salinity tester is supplied complete with batteries and solutions allowing you to start measuring right away. Also displays temperature.

Each meter is supplied with:
CR2032 battery (installed)
Storage/protection shield
Instruction manual
Quality certificate
35.00 ppt calibration standard sachet (x 4)


The HI-98319 waterproof salinity and temperature tester is used to measure how much salt is in our water.  Having a stable salinity is critical & the tool we use to measure it is probably one of the most important we'll buy for our hobby.  We need to keep the salt level within a healthy range 1.026 is my recommendation & most salt mixes are calibrated for.  Our salinity is critical to all reef life and needs to be kept consistent - no swings up or down which is a great cause of stress for our soft corals & all reef life.  Cheap plastic hydrometers will give false readings many times right out of the package & most certainly over time as the "swing arm" gets weighted down with minerals.  This would allow one to believe their salinity is fine when in fact, it's much higher!  This is why I don't sell hydrometers.  Don't risk the health of your entire livestock population! 

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