Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Aquarium Salt - 200 Gal Mix



You may be wondering why I am now offering Instant Ocean Reef Crystals salt.  Products change so the answer is ... I'm testing it here at AquaCorals to see if it performs as well or better than the other salts we've used AND to see if it allows us to pre-mix & use at a later time without it's element levels dropping to unacceptable levels either out of the pail or soon after mixing.  I'm also asking you to help me research this salt!  All purchases will receive a $10 Gift Certificate if you provide me with your test & tank response results! 

Tests need to be done using the Red Sea Pro tests kits & pictures of your tank before switching to RC salt & after using it.  Stop in or e-mail me if you have questions.


Reef Crystals Saltwater Mixing Instructions:

Fill your mix container with RO water.
Add salt & stir with a small power head a MIN of a few hours or until the water looks clear.  Allowing to mix a few days is best before using on a water change.

A Synthetic Sea Salt Apart

Reef Crystals is a specially formulated synthetic sea salt made by Instant Ocean, for use in aquaria with soft and hard corals. It has added calcium, magnesium, vitamins and trace elements. It also contains special additives to detoxify harmful heavy metals like copper. The added calcium encourages growth of large and small polyp stony corals and coraline algae.

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