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  · 5 months ago.
First, Penny is THE best in the hobby I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the 46 years I have been keeping saltwater fish and reefing.  Incredible service and an outstanding personal touch.
I've ordered a few times and not once has anything been sent that wasn't the very best quality.  I saw nearly all my items available this past month and took the plunge and ordered about 600$ worth.  Words cannot express how happy I am with everything I ordered.  If you buy any soft corals - you have to buy them from Aquacorals.  Simply the best, healthy, specimens and top notch service.  I don't know Penny personally other than through our business transactions but she makes you feel like she is there if you have any questions or issues.  Do yourself a favor and buy only the best - buy aquacorals softies!  PS - I literally can't pick a favorite of the many I purchased but the neons are UNREAL!
Thank you, Penny, for this order and for doing something so wonderful for our hobby and for me!
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