Announcement Concerning Fish

I'm constantly being asked ... Are You Selling Fish Anymore? 

Quick answer is - yes & no.  I will not be bringing in more until international flights are normalized.  The vast majority of the reef fish we keep are collected in the Indo Pacific area and need cargo flights to come into the US.  What used to be a 2 day flight is now 4 days & many are perishing from the stress.  Given the extreme mortality rate, super high costs per animal & shipping, I've decided to wait & put my focus on my soft & LPS coral aquaculture efforts.  I remain hopeful that "normal" is around the corner & once it is, I plan to bring in fish livestock again. I will certainly post on my website AND send a newsletter when that happens.

Note, I also work with US livestock collectors so will continue to bring in their inventory which is mainly CUC & sometimes fish.


Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang


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Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus

Approx size is 3-3.5"

One of the more rare & most sought after Tangs in this hobby, the Yellow Belly Blue Hippo Tang has the most intense blue coloration of all Tangs!  Blue being the rarest color it makes this fish stand out in any reef tank!

Though some call it an "Ick Magnet" it truly is just as hardy as any other Tang, it's just that it can be more shy or nervous in a new environment, especially when little.  Being nervous translates into stress which lowers it's immune system & can make it susceptible to being infected with the Ick parasite.  Understand though that a well conditioned Hippo Tang can easily get over on it's own a mild case of Ick as long as whatever stressed it is no longer a factor.  Introduction to a new home is scary for any fish but once settled in should be fine.  Having other compatible Tang buddies to swim with is also helpful to the Hippo Tang.  They are less shy, less likely to hide & it gives them a bit of security like they have in the ocean when schooling with their friends!

Introduction to a tank:  Because they are nervous it's good to add them with another Tang so they feel more secure.  Best scenario is to be one of, if not, the first Tang in a tank.  If going in with already established Tangs, adding one or more new Tangs along with your Hippo gives the best chance for success.  Tip:  Watch the behavior of the Hippo at the store you're considering buying from.  Stand back & be quiet so they're not responding to your presence.  Then you will see how shy or how curious they are.  If buying on-line from me & want to know, just e-mail & ask me!  I'm more than happy to help you have success!

All of my fish are housed in true reef systems with growing corals which means my Hippo Tangs and all my fish are given the absolute best conditions possible!  That & my feeding regimen assures you of the healthiest animal possible.

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