MIN 75 gallon tank with rock.  All Pygmy Angels offered here I consider to be "reef safe".  I've had them with clams & haven't seen any bad behaviors in my soft & LPS coral tanks.  They are easy keepers when fed a good diet & can be housed together when introduced properly.  All Angels need a MIN 75 gallon+ tank with plenty of rock.  Angel fish are constant swimmers & need the space!  Do NOT put them in tanks smaller than a 75g!  In my 20+ years experience with them I've found we can have multiple Pygmy Angels in a 75g+ aquarium.  The best success to have multiple different Pygmy Angels is to introduce them at the same time & better yet, with different body styles (LB = Long Body or SB = Short Body).  Pygmy Angels are avid swimmers & are always searching their tank for a tasty morsel so again, live rock is needed as well as a min tank size of 75 gallons.  Worthy of note ... I have a Flame Angel & a Lemonpeel Angel in my 220g #1 tank ... both 14 years as of 2019!

Flame Angel As Low As: $89.00
Coral Beauty Angel As Low As: $69.00
Eibli Pygmy Angel As Low As: $69.00
Potters Pygmy Angel As Low As: $119.00
Rusty Pygmy Angel As Low As: $55.00
Lamark Pygmy Angel As Low As: $69.00
Multi Color Angel As Low As: $79.00
BiColor Angel As Low As: $69.00

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