Notes from Penny:  Anyone wanting truly clean water to drink and to maintain a successful, healthy reef aquarium must invest in a "quality" Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filter.  Though standard home water tests may show our water fine to drink, I can assure you there are things in your water (like PFAS) that are contaminants not only to us but to the sensitive reef life we keep!  Trust me when I say it's not a matter of IF these contaminants will load up in your tank & cause havoc, it's just a matter of WHEN.  When that happens it can have disastrous results!!  Not only algae but even worse, fish & other livestock deaths!  There is a HUGE difference between RO manufacturers & the quality of the components they use.  All RO units are basically the same in configuration (have prefilters & a membrane) but the biggest difference & most important part of ANY RO is the membrane!  This is the workhorse of the entire unit!  If a MFG uses a less-than membrane you can be assured contaminants are still getting through!  The RO units I sell use only the top notch Dow Filmtec membrane.  This along with the other quality parts & plug n Play operation, you can rest assured your family AND your livestock investment will be protected with the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter units I sell.
Local folks can purchase replacement prefilter cartridges here at AquaCorals.

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