Piscine Energetics "PE" Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods are Only Available In-House!  Sorry, I cannot ship but it should be available at your LFS or other on-line vendors.

The frozen foods I feed are Mysis Shrimp & Calanus from Piscine Energetics - more on both below...

Piscine  Energetics "PE" Frozen Mysis Shrimp:
Available in:  8oz Flat Packs, 16oz Flat Packs, 40oz Flat Packs & 4oz Cube Blister Packs.
Used exclusively @ AquaCorals!
This food folks is THE reason for my success with Mandarin Dragonets & More!!  WAY different than the so-called "Mysis" others sell, the PE Mysis is pure nutrition for our fish & I would never want to be without it!

WHY PE Mysis over other brands?  It's simple.  Mysis shrimp are filter feeders & they are only as nutritious as what they're eating.  I don't care how much "purification" other brands claim to use, they cannot replace what's already in the gut of their shrimp.  Most are harvested out of the most polluted water on earth!  PE Mysis, on the other hand, are collected from a pristine glacier lake, at night when they're feeding on plankton & they're packaged & flash frozen right on the boat!!  I do NOT trust, nor will I use, any other brand.

THE CURATOR'S CHOICE:  Used by over 90% of public aquarium in North America.
FRESHWATER MYSIS (Mysis relicta): This eliminates the possibility of parasite or disease transfer to marine fish.
SODIUM FREE:  As fish don't need to eliminate excess salt, it's easier on their systems. Most other brands offer a coastal, or marine cousin of Mysis relicta.
ALIVE ON HARVEST and immediately flash frozen in premium condition. That's why PE MYSIS is clean and intact.
HIGH FATTY ACID PROFILES (EPA and DHA) are related to the food chain found in deep cold waters, where PE MYSIS is harvested.
OMEGA 3'S. Greater values of Omega 3 can be found in PE MYSIS than krill and enriched brine shrimp.
NO BINDING AGENTS, fillers or water added to packaging.
NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE:  PE MYSIS does not require the addition of vitamin or color enhancement products.

Piscine  Energetics "PE" Frozen Calanus:
Available in:  4oz Cube Blister Packs.
Used exclusively @ AquaCorals!

Frozen Calanus is great for vibrant fish coloration & it's small enough for some corals!  I use frozen Calanus a couple times a week & perhaps daily if I have a harem of Anthias etc. 


PE CALANUS are a decapod zooplankton sustainably harvested in pristine arctic waters. They are instantly recognizable by their brilliant orange coloration stemming from the high levels of astaxanthin and other carotenoid pigments.  PE CALANUS are naturally bio-encapsulated with essential fatty acids resulting in a highly nutritious diet.  They are great for freshwater and saltwater fish in addition to being an excellent food for corals and other filter feeding organisms.  This product replaces the Cyclopeeze we used to use.

For information about food preparation & feeding tips see my "Self Help" articles

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