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AquaCorals 13 YO 180g Reef - Parent Soft Coral Tank Featured Below.

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Recent Customer Testimonials:

Around 20 years ago we bought a Blue Mandarin which before long passed away from starvation. In those days information about their eating habits was not understood nor easily obtained. Turns out all they eat is copepods and likely any tank will not support their nutritional needs. AquaCorals - Saltwater Reef Aquariums has solved that problem. They train them to eat frozen Mysis shrimp. When Penny (the owner) says "We don’t send them out till they are fully adjusted to eating Mysis shrimp" you can bank on it.

We got our Blue Mandarin overnight and he was as fat as a Butterball turkey. The first day we saw him eat some shrimp, the day after that he ate some more and on day three he freely moved around the tank picking the shrimp off along the way.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial… if you want to buy from a store that follows up with emails like "I've already selected the little boy that will go home to you tomorrow.  Fat as a butterball.  I'm sure he will do just fine in his new home." and "Just checking in to see how your Mandarin is doing.  Has he settled in?  Have you seen him eat yet?"  then this is the fish store for you.
Sheldon Anderson


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Welcome to AquaCorals!
Saltwater Reef Aquariums & Soft Coral Aquaculture in Fairfield, Maine

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AquaCorals (short for Aquacultured Corals) - Saltwater Reef Aquariums, located in Fairfield, Maine, is the largest saltwater reef aquariums and coral aquaculture facility (specializing in soft corals) in the US.  Talk about a hobby addiction!  :c)  AquaCorals is unique in that over 100 different species of aquacultured (tank raised) soft corals and multiple LPS & SPS coral species are grown and offered here.  Also here are cultured corals (man made, ocean grown) & wild collected corals including Softs, SPS & LPS as well as reef safe saltwater fish & tank raised Seahorses!  Live rock & inverts including clams, snails, shrimp, feather dusters, cucumbers & more!  Aquariums & stands, reef lighting, pumps, skimmers, RO units, live rock, sand, foods for all marine life and everything you need to setup & maintain an Easy & Successful Reef tank!

Whether you're thinking of setting up your first saltwater aquarium or an advanced reef aquarist I can help you.  Learn from my mistakes & successes in this hobby.  Use the same equipment & supplies that I do (offered here) & duplicate my successful system!  Your support allows me to continue playing in my hobby while I help you in yours.  From step-by-step teaching (See "How To Setup..." always found in the left navigation bar) to rare & unusual specimens I've collected over 18 years - sure to please!

I can facilitate your dream into a reality by helping you create a thriving reef system based on my proven setup "recipe" for success.  Here you will find hardy tank raised soft corals and a complete line of supplies available to local and hobbyists across the US. My goal is to provide top quality livestock, the best in reefing support - equipment/supplies & more to hobbyists.
I love to mentor & share my methods for successful reef systems so feel free to e-mail or better yet...Stop by & Let's Talk Reefs!

I hope you find this site to be a useful tool.  Make sure to check back often as new information is constantly added as well as new items & corals for sale.

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